Rhonda Snider-Johnson
Commercial Makeup Artist Hair Stylist Los Angeles San Luis Obispo San Francisco
Local 706 Makeup and Hair Stylist Union I.A.T.S.E. Member
Rhonda Johnson
(aka Rhonda Snider-Johnson)

Rhonda Johnson is a highly sought after Commercial Makeup Artist Hair Stylist who's current work is seen daily on Major Network Primetime Shows & National Print Advertising Campaigns across the globe. Her 20 year career has taken her to Paris, New York, San Francisco, Asia and Los Angeles with the biggest advertising agencies in the business!

The majority of Rhonda's work is for corporate giants, Disney, Toyota, Sony, Microsoft and Lands End with celebrity clients including; Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Brooke Burke, Maria Conchita-Alonzo & Nick Lachey. Years of working with the best-of-the-best under pressure has allowed her to discover what works, what HAS to work & what doesn't.

Rhonda's makeup career started @ world famous Hollywood High School over 20 years ago. Creating stage makeup for future actors & actresses led her to competing in local hair shows where she won awards for corrective beauty makeup! Shortly after receiving her cosmetology license she went on to assist commercial Artists for the prestigious Cloutier Agency of Los Angeles, a client whom she regularly works for as a key artist.

Requests for her unique brand increased, prompting Rhonda to join Local 706 Makeup and Hair Stylist Union (for Television, Film & Commercials). Working with an array of clients from Lands End to Playboy, Brooke Burke to Dakota Fanning demonstrates the extent of her expertise. For the last 6 years she has worked the Oscars and Golden Globes for the Cloutier Agency.
Rhonda (Second from Left) on the set of ABC’s High School Muscial: Get In The Picture.
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